As an ambulance driver, you typically work for hospitals and medical companies. You assist with loading and unloading patients from the ambulance, and may be called upon to administer first aid. Ambulance drivers also assist with various duties at the medical facility. What’s more, they possess the skills to safely and quickly navigate the streets. However, they also need to do so while not endangering the lives of patients and the other people on the road. As an ambulance driver, you need to ensure that your vehicle is properly cleaned, maintained, and fueled. In addition, you also need a lot of endurance and be able to carry patients daily. With all this in mind, you might be wondering, how do I become an ambulance driver in the UK?

For you to qualify for an ambulance driver job, you need a driving license in this category. It allows you to operate a vehicle 3,500 kg and above. However, it shouldn’t be more than 7,500 Kg.

To obtain the requisite license, you need to undertake the C1 Training course. It specializes in the safety and driving capabilities of larger vehicles, especially Ambulance Driver Training, but it doesn’t cover driver emergency techniques.

If you are looking to become a paramedic ambulance driver in the UK, there are two routes available:

It is important to note that one route is a bit more demanding than the other. However, since you will receive some extra training, you will have a better chance of becoming an ambulance driver. The second option is to go for Ambulance Driver Training UK and be a better driver with complete knowledge.

How does one become an ambulance driver in the UK?

  • Completing qualification:
    Here, you complete a course in paramedic science at the university. Upon successful completion, you can apply for an ambulance driver position.
  • Student paramedic:
    If you don’t consider yourself the academic type but still want a job as an ambulance driver, you can apply for a student position with an ambulance service.

Either option will introduce you to the safety concepts of ambulance driving.

What kind of training do I need to become an ambulance driver?

While it has been discussed above, you need to undertake the paramedic science course at a university. If you are planning on taking this route, you have to achieve 3 A- levels which include science. If you are looking for private ambulance services then see here.

What kind of training do ambulance drivers have?

All ambulance drivers are required to have C1 training in addition to paramedic qualifications. In addition, you need to complete 5 GCSEs with qualifying A to C grades. This applies to both Math and Science. You can also gain qualifications through:

  • Science-related courses
  • Health-related courses
  • Applicable NVQ and so on.

Having these qualifications will help put you in a better position for getting the job. In addition to this, here are some other things that help boost your application:

  • Gain health care experience – voluntary or paid
  • Free work experience with ambulance service

Methods for Becoming a Professional Ambulance Driver in the UK?

Keep in mind that as an ambulance driver, you will be working for hospitals and private ambulance companies. You will be transporting both ill and injured ambulatory patients. You will be required to assist with the loading and unloading of patients and may also need to administer first aid. You may also be assigned certain duties at the medical facility.


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