Team building is important in the workplace as it helps employees work together by encouraging collaboration. Team building has been proven to improve the productivity of employees, increasing their motivation towards working smart and building bonds and connections amongst themselves. Team building basically shows employees the benefits of working as a team and how much faster results can be achieved by being a team.

In every office, you find that a larger percentage does not like team building and this calls for organizers to be creative when making plans. Sample team building activities include board games, blind retriever, egg drop and a scavenger hunt. Let’s have a look at top tips to have in place to ensure that employees learn as much as possible.

Team building goals.

This is the most important tip as it helps the organizers in choosing activities for the team. You need to ask yourself first why team building is important to you as the planner and what you want your employees to learn. Top team building goals include:

  • Building rapport with the team.
  • Improve communication amongst the team.
  • Promote team motivation and productivity.

Encourage teamwork.

While choosing activities to be done, ensure that you pick those that encourage teamwork and also encourage employees to work in collaboration. This way, employees will focus on finding solutions to finish a task as a team and not view the activity as a competition. If you are looking for virtual horse racing then see here.

• Choose a team building activity that every employee can participate in.
We have employees who have different challenges be it physical challenges or health conditions. If you choose an activity like food sampling or exercise challenges, ensure that all employees are capable of taking part in it. In addition, always choose activities that are interactive and promote collaboration amongst teams such as large group icebreakers. It is important that during activities, team leaders ask for feedback from reserved employees and allow casual conversation.

• Timing of the activity.
It is recommended to slot team building activities during work hours. In as much as employees may love their jobs, it is not right to inconvenience their weekend plans for example by scheduling the event on a weekend or holding the activity while some employees are on vacation. Proper scheduling ensures that members are available for the event.


It is best to select a location outside your office for the team building activity. A good location is one that will accommodate everyone and ensure they are free to do the activities lined up for the day.

Thinking out of the box

When you hear about team building, what comes to mind are activities such as two truths and a lie but professional team building should also be considered. Employees also enjoy having seminars and lectures to promote career development.

In conclusion, team building is important as it brings together individuals from different backgrounds and teaches them to work in collaboration, communicate clearly with each other and generally creates a nice environment for work where individuals respect each other.

Even as businesses organize team-building activities, there is a need to create a positive work environment as this motivates employees to be more productive and also celebrate success and failure together and as a result, employees are less likely to quit.


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