Many reasons will make a tree fall. In fact, all trees will fall at some point (during your lifetime or someone else’s). Just like all living things, it is natural for trees to die, which will make them fall eventually. This is a risk that all property owners face when they have a large tree on or close to their property.

Some trees show obvious signs before they fall. You will begin to see obvious signs of decay and rot. This is the natural sign that shows a tree is dying and will eventually fall. But some trees look completely healthy above the ground and fall without notice. However, below the ground, the tree will be in a bad shape. The roots may be dead and rotting, which will affect the stability of the tree and lose its strength against elements such as winds, storms, tornados, and more.

What To Do After Your Tree Has Falls?

The first step to take is ensuring everyone close is safe. The moment you have ensured everyone is safe, assess for other dangerous situations such as down power lines. If you notice down power lines, it is wise to call the power company. treat any down power line or cable as if they are active and stay away until the proper authorities have addressed the situation.

On the other hand, if the tree falls on your house, several factors determine the severity of the situation, the damage caused, and the steps to take. Although this is the case, some steps to take may seem obvious and urgent compared to others. However, below is a list that will make sure your family is safe: –

• Immediate Evacuation – This first action to take is immediate evacuation. It is wise to quickly and safely evacuate the building, especially if you are on the second or third story. Ensure everyone is accounted for.

• Call Proper Authorities – It is wise to call the proper authorities after the tree has fallen. This includes emergency services such as firefighters, ambulances, and others.

• Protect The Inside Of Your Home – Protect the property/furniture found within the house against the weather elements. Cover everything to protect anything against moisture. Secure valuable and lock all doors.

Contact an Arborist

After ensuring everything and everyone is safe, call a Certified Arborist and have them assess the situation. Arborists are highly trained when it comes to working with power tree cutting equipment and knows the complexities a fallen tree needs. This makes them knowledgeable, when it comes to tree removal and how to do the job right. They are worth the investment to have the right person do it. If you are looking for a tree surgeon and are in Southampton or the surrounding area then see ‘tree surgeon Southampton‘.

The cost of hiring a professional will cover everything important and related to the job. For instance, it will cover all liabilities, Workman’s Compensation Insurance, the work itself, cleaning services, and more. This is why it is wise to always ask for an estimate. If you feel the estimate is so high, ask to know what is included.

Call Your Insurance Company

If the fallen tree has caused damage to the building or any other property, it is wise to call your insurance provider. Communicate with them so that the insurance adjuster can come to the site and assess the damage before the tree is removed. The work of the insurance adjuster is to file a report for any claim and observe the full extent of the damage as well. if possible, it would be wise to have the Arborist and Insurance Adjuster out on the site at the same time.

Remember, Homeowner’s insurance covers damages to your property, which includes fallen trees. Therefore, the insurance company will pay for the tree removal service and damages to the property.


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