Despite what many people assume, the job of being an HGV driver is not an easy one. It’s not something that anyone can do. In all truth, the job is not made any easier by the rumours and misconceptions that many people have about this very important line of work. The job of an HGV driver is critical to the smooth functioning of our entire society as a whole and for the most part, these very needed drivers are not given the importance they deserve.

So, in an effort to shed some light on this very important task and the important people who carry it out, we have taken the time to dispel some of the misconceptions and doubts surrounding the work of the HGV driver.

Misconception: All Truckers are men

Even though trucking has been considered an industry dominated by men, much like IT or construction. But all this is changing and female drivers are taking on more and more roles in this field of work. If you would like to know the cost of Hgv training then see ‘HGV training cost‘.

In 2021 as much as 5% of HGV drivers were women and the figure has continued to rise since this point. More and more female truck drivers are appearing on the scene all the time. Actually, the rise of female truck drivers has been a big story over the last few years. And, with the HGV industry in great need of skilled HGV operators, this couldn’t have happened at a better time.

Misconception: Drivers aren’t valued

Oftentimes being out of sight is as bad as being out of mind. This applies to HGV drivers whose work takes place largely on the roads and thoroughfares where their work is not given much appreciation. But the entire economy and social structure of the UK is, quite literally, driven by the UK HGV drivers. Without their crucial work, no one eats, deliveries would not be made and you would have to travel a very long way to make the simplest of purchases.

Today, the modern HGV driver is considered an essential worker. Essentially, HGV drivers are heroes who invest their skills, attention and care to ensure that millions of people have the food, petrol, clothing and other commodities that make life so enjoyable. For the first time in history, many people are realizing that the job of the HGV driver is one that has a great impact on your fellows.

Misconception: Anyone can drive a truck

Technically, with the right amount of practice and proper training, anyone can drive an HGV. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between driving an HGV and doing this as a career choice. Some people are more suited to driving an HGV than others. Even though driving an HGV is a rewarding career with many advantages, there are some downsides to it as well. If you are thinking of taking up a career in HGV driving, we highly recommend that you visit some online forums and learn first-hand about the advantages and disadvantages of life as an HGV driver.

Misconception: Truckers aren’t safe on the road

HGV drivers receive top-rate and ongoing training. This makes HGV drivers some of the most competent and careful drivers on the roads today. They also have to go through drug tests and screening tests to ensure they are in the right state of mind to handle the responsibility of tens of thousands of kilograms moving at high velocities down the road. Drinking on the job would be cause for an immediate sack and end of their career as an HGV driver.

Even those with a stellar record of driving experience are constantly monitored with a black cox in the compartment of the cab. Also called the tachograph, this device measures the speeds the truck travels, the amount of time it is on the road and how long they take breaks. All in all HGV drivers are the most well-trained, monitored and experienced drivers in the UK — outside of emergency services.


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