When it comes to marketing businesses in the digital world, what matters most is big data. That is why many companies invest their time and money on specifically data-driven strategies. Even though such strategies have proven to be effective and successful, businesses also need a creative design to maintain consumers.

No matter how effective a data-driven strategy is you risk losing a lot of consumers due to the lack of creative design which has the capability of influencing consumers’ decisions and impressions. Because of this reason, organizations are recommended to focus on both design and data when working on business strategies.

Why Your Business Needs Creative Design.

Great design is used to tell more about a brand or product. Any business needs good communication to succeed, and images are considered to be louder than words.

The only way you can generate leads is by making sure that your audiences and potential customers understand what the organization does and what is its goal from different channels – starting with your domain, email communications, physical and address and social media platforms.

Another reason why you should include visuals is that they are easy to remember. According to research, the human brain can process images sixty thousand times faster compared to processing text. Moreover, 93% of human communication is not words but visuals.

That is why creative design is vital in business strategies. Therefore, all business marketing materials should ensure that concepts of crafted design are included in all sections of their businesses including packaging, logos, posts published on social media, blogs and even on promotional images.

You can use creative design to narrate the story of your organization, create a lasting and strong impression, and build trust between you and the consumers. If you are looking for a graphic designer then do a quick Google search, for example, if you are in the Hampshire area type something like ‘graphic design in Hampshire‘.

Get Good Results With A Design-Driven Brand.

Companies that are design-driven have easily outperformed their fellow competitors and maintained their success in terms of revenue growth thanks to creative design. This is referred to as Design Advantage.

How is this possible? Brands that are design-driven have realized that using visual communication make it easy to attract potential customers. That is why visual engagement is widely used across different digital platforms such as social media.

As technology continues to evolve, businesses are forced to rely on other factors that help engage with customers such as marketing on social media and content marketing. Today, visual communication is also used on social media platforms. That is because the social media network has unlimited potential consumers, and the use of videos has become popular within a short period. Because of this reason, businesses are forced to embrace the use of imagery in business strategies if they want to increase revenue and maintain their business ranking.

Customers rely on great content when searching for what they need. That is why 71% of businesses are now capable of creating more assets for social media marketing and content marketing. This has also made it easy for brands to provide amazing content that improves customers’ experience.

According to John Maeda, who is a design partner at the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers “The reason why successful brands are always leading is that they understand the importance of creative design in business strategies. Other brands do not take time to invest in creative design, and they always consider the use of imagery to have less ROI, and that is why they all always fall behind. Therefore, if you want your business to experience quick growth and maintain its success, then you need to focus on creative design as part of your business strategy.


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