Talk to all the educators you know and most of them will tell you they never regret taking this career path. The primary reason is they find satisfaction in influencing students and helping them shape the future. While it’s not the same for every teacher, there’s always a good reason to become one. If you have been pondering on becoming a teacher and are on the fence, this read is meant for you.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the reasons you should make a career in teaching.

Develop Your Career by Building Leadership Skills

Whether you are looking to work through the ranks in your teaching career or want to progress to a management role, leadership skills are a vital part of your teaching profession.

According to a survey done by LinkedIn in 2018, among 2000 business leaders, 57% of them identified soft skills as imperative when making a hiring decision. Among the soft skills assessed, leadership came out on top as the most valued by recruiters.

Educators need to be controlled all the time and are tasked with managing, leading as well as directing their students. This experience shapes teachers into great leaders.

Shape the Next Generation

Becoming an educator presents the opportunity to make an impact on society through shaping the next generation. This is achieved by providing students with the knowledge and tools necessary to make their own opinions, contributions and influence the world down the line.

Educators do more than just teach subject material. It is their responsibility to teach problem-solving skills, teamwork, build self-esteem and encourage initiative. Getting into teaching is not just about becoming a teacher, you ideally become a confidante that plays a vital role in the emotional development of children.

Make a Difference to a Child

Every young one is different. Every child comes from different family background and socioeconomic status. They also have varying strengths and weaknesses, social skills, and academic abilities. Some have learning, memory or concentration disabilities like ADHD, dysgraphia, dysgraphia, and dyslexia. If you can help a young one with ADHD get better greats by finding an outlet for their hyperactivity or offering alternative learning methods, you can boost their self-esteem and change the direction of their life. If you don’t think that becoming a teacher is for you but you would like to join the education field then you may want to consider a student support assistant role.

If you can help them with their social skills, you can change their whole school experience and impact happiness and friendships.

Feel Connected

A revelation from a 75-year-old study on adult development and personal happiness conducted by psychiatrist Dr. Robert Waldinger is that loneliness kills. Dr. Robert learned that individuals who are happier, healthier, and live longer are those who feel socially connected to their friends and loved ones. People with little to no social connections tend to be less happy, less healthy, and die young.

School is a social facility. With constant communication with children, colleagues, and parents, you’ll always feel socially connected and will rarely be alone.

You will mostly be with a large group of young ones or adults with constant engagement and interaction. Also, you will be in regular contact with the parents discussing the needs of the young ones and their academic performance.

Learn as You Teach

Children and young adults ask plenty of questions and as a teacher, you’re expected to have the answers. By being an educator, you need to be constantly learning in order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge and curiosity of your students.

Whether you’re improving your French or brushing up on your mathematical skills, your knowledge will constantly increase in your career.


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