Food and Anything Perishable

One of the things you need to avoid storing in a storage unit would be food or anything perishable. The last thing you want to do is open a storage unit only to find everything completely covered in mould. Because of this, you don’t want to store anything that can perish easily. Unless the food is vacuum-sealed or in cans, you don’t want to store it in a storage unit.

Any items that you store in a storage unit can attract a lot of pests or unwanted bugs. By keeping food out of your unit, you can avoid these nasty critters entirely.


You don’t want to store any animals in your storage unit. There was a story about a woman who ended up losing track of her hampster in a box that ended up in her unit. This cannot happen. You don’t want to store animals in your unit because they need food and water for survival. This includes every animal including mammals, fish, reptiles, and more. If you are in Watford or surrounding areas then see storage units Watford.


To further emphasize that no living creature should be stored in a storage unit, humans should be kept out, as well. People aren’t allowed to turn their storage units into their residences. While these units are usually open 24/7, they aren’t meant for sleeping. It’s not a way you can lower your rent.

Likewise, you shouldn’t be running a business from a storage unit. You cannot have customers coming and going from your storage unit. It’s not permitted. If you want a good place to work, you can opt for a managed office or rent a meeting room for it.

Anything Flammable

While this should be obvious to anyone, it should be restated. Do not store any gas, paint, petrol or anything else that can ignite. Any of these items are not permitted for storage because they pose a risk to your safety and the entire property as a whole.

If you aren’t entirely certain about what you should be storing, you will want to check to see if the time is flammable. It should say on the packaging. If it is, you want to find someplace else to store it.

Firearms or Weapons

Any weapons of any kind need to be stored in a secured location that doesn’t allow for access for those without authorization. This isn’t a storage unit that can be assessed by those without licenses. Ideally, you want to store them in a safe and secure location that can only be accessed by yourself such as a gun cabinet.

Because our units are accessed by a lot of different people and because the storage unit is being rented and you don’t own it, you cannot store these items. They have strict storage requirements and the items themselves represent hazards.

Any Chemicals

You cannot store any chemicals. You will need to store chemicals at designated sites. These sites need to obtain designation and we aren’t one of them. Along with this, a lot of chemicals are hazardous. They pose a risk and they are inherently dangerous. Because of this, they compromise the safety of the entire property and everyone in it.

The items that you cannot store include asbestos, propane tanks, kerosene, toxic waste, and more.

Anything Illegal

You don’t want to store anything illegal. If you don’t own something, you cannot store it. If something isn’t legal to possess, you cannot store it in a unit. These things include anything counterfeit, stolen items, smuggled items, unlicensed medication, and more.

Money or Securities

For any items like this, you will want to try to find a speciality storage property. A good option for cash or securities would have to be a bank’s safety deposit box. That way, you can keep it safe and secure.

While our storage units are very secure, it’s better to opt for something specially designed for these items.


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