It’s Time To Get Real

The vast majority of people will fail at their fitness goals simply by waiting for things to happen. It might be sad to say but weight loss is simply not an outstanding process. To be honest, it is far from a linear process at that. Many times, you will find that you lose some weight only to gain it back, this may be an ongoing process.

There are no silver bullets when it comes to weight loss, there are no shortcuts. While you may get frustrated by the process, one can not give up. If you are at least burning more calories than you are eating, you will eventually lose weight. Believe it or not, it is as simple as that! It may be a slow process, but it will eventually work. You need to have realistic goals and allow your body to have the time it needs to respond to the drastic changes you are making. In some cases, you may not see positive results for weeks or even months.

How Fast Should I Lose Weight?

Any diet or weight loss goal always starts off with much bravado and steam. In fact, it is this initial burst of energy that will get many through the first week or two. However, after a month or so, that positive energy will begin to wan and fade. This is at the point many will simply give up on their goals. However, before you throw in the proverbial towel, consider these simple tips.

Revisit Goals

One of the best factors to help keep you motivated is to remember why you began in the first place. Does it still have the same meaning of importance to you? You need to post this somewhere that you are going to see it on a daily basis. Post it on the bathroom mirror, tag it on your refrigerator, or make it the wallpaper of your computer.

Consider How Far You Have Come

You never want to just sit and count numbers such as pounds and calories. Look at how your life has changed for the better. Are you moving better than ever? Has your mobility changed? Can you walk faster than you could last month? Are you able to get up those stairs without feeling winded? In general, are you simply feeling better about yourself? Use those feeling to keep you going further and wait for even more improvements. If you are looking for a personal trainer and are in the Woking area then you may want to have a look at ‘personal trainers in Woking‘.

Switch It Up

Variety is one of the most important aspects of a fitness routine or diet. You may want to try out new workout routines or try something new to keep things interesting.


Rewards are an important part of life and that is true with fitness. Having a simple reward waiting for you at the end of a workout can be a great incentive. A luxurious massage is an incredible reward. There is nothing quite like a relaxing massage after a full week of workouts, your body will love you for it! You can start with a massage at the end of the month if you follow through with all of your workouts. If massages are not your cup of tea, schedule something that allows you to pamper your body.

This can even include things such as weekend getaways, new workout gear, or even a night binging your favourite show!

Exhaust All Avenues

Before you toss in the towel, try everything possible to stay on track. Before you let exercise become an afterthought in your life, try and keep up a minimum amount on a weekly basis. If you see that you are starting to fall below that level, try something else to stay on track.

  • Hire Personal Trainers Or Find An Online Option
  • Have A Workout Pal To Stay On Track
  • Join A Gym Or Fitness Group
  • Try New And Unique Forms Of Exercising Tio Keep It Fresh

There are just going to be times during this process that you are going to have to find new and unique ways of doing things to stop you from quitting.

They Are No Miracles

Many people feel if they force themselves to exercise, at some point they are simply going to love the process. Honestly, at some point, it will get easier, but you are always going to have to motivate yourself to keep going. If you are looking for the miracle cure to fitness, you may be waiting a while!


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