Keeping it simple

There is one rule you always need to have in mind when it comes to the eCommerce design process; keep it simple, silly! (KISS).

It is always a good idea to keep it simple when it comes to designing an eCommerce website. When you have a lot of elements on the page (Banner Ads, Colours, Pop-ups), it takes away from the entire point of the website, which is to close a sale.

There is no need to have a lot of whistles and bells on your eCommerce site because they will end up being a distraction. Your design should be clean, clear and simple. The focus should be on the sale. Check out Planet Wide CIty if you want professionals to design an ecommerce website for you.

Making branding a priority

When shopping online, most people are looking to buy stuff from established brands – not a faceless site that looks like they want to steal their credit card information.

If you want to build trust, you first have to increase your sales with your business by putting a lot of thought into your branding because it is the DNA of your eCommerce business; this is who you are as a company, how you are different from the competitors, and what you care about. Branding is important when you want to build a connection with your audience, which is going to help you increase your sales.

If you are going to get the most from the eCommerce design, then it is important to define the brand – then find ways of infusing the brand into your design. It’s okay if you aren’t sure about your brand. Start by doing a little soul searching before you can start designing. There are questions you can ask yourself like:

  • If I was to describe my brand in three words, what would the words be?
  • If it was a person, who would it be?
  • What is it we do better than others on the market?
  • What thing makes my brand different from the rest of the shops?

When you know who you are as a business, you can start working that into the branding of your site. That branding is going to help you build trust with the audience, which can lead to increased sales.

Thinking like a website visitor

If you want the site design to connect with the audience, then you first need to think like the audience. There are some things that prospective customers will always want in an eCommerce experience. Most of them want a site that is well-designed, easy to navigate, and makes the shopping process easy, hassle-free, and straightforward.

If you want to succeed with your eCommerce business, then make sure you give them those things.
Put yourself in their shoes during the design process. What layout do you think will be easiest for your visitors to navigate? How can you simplify the checkout process? How can you organize products so they make sense to the visitor?
Thinking like a customer is a good approach because you can anticipate what they want from your store – then design it in order to meet their needs.

One of the things you have to choose is colours. Choosing is more than just going for your favourite colour and using it. Colour is a powerful tool – and if you know the psychology of colour, then you need to use it to your benefit.


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