A truck driver’s job is far from easy, no matter what some people might assume. It is not something that just anybody can do. Furthermore, it is not made any easier by some of the misconceptions and rumours about HGV drivers.

The reality is that HGV drivers play a very important role, not only in the economy but also in the smooth functioning of society at large. Unfortunately, they mostly go un-thanked. So, we have decided to shine a light and dispel some misconceptions about HGV drivers.

Misconception 1: All Truck Drivers Are Male

Trucking, just like IT and construction, can be perceived as largely male-dominated, but female HGV drivers are on the rise not only in the UK but elsewhere throughout the world. As of 2021, just 5 per cent of commercial vehicle licence holders were female.

Female truck drivers, however, are a fast-growing demographic, with higher numbers constantly getting into the profession. The growth of female truck drivers has actually been one of the big stories of the last few years. With HGV drivers now in demand more than ever before, women are increasingly opting for HGV driving as a career. See here if you are in need of ‘HGV driver training‘.

Misconception 2: Drivers Are Not Valued

In most instances, out of sight means out of mind. When it comes to truckers, however, they are the driving force behind businesses in the UK. Businesses would simply shut down without HGV drivers. People wouldn’t have anything to eat and there would be virtually nothing to buy. All the important and useful items you purchase from places such as Amazon would never get to you without these professionals.

Today, in this post-pandemic period, truck drivers are regarded as essential workers who are necessary to keep the economy moving. If you want a career that makes a genuine impact, trucking ensures that millions of people have clothing, food, petrol, and other essentials. For the first time, people have started to recognise that you should become a truck driver if you want to make a real difference.

Misconception 3: Anybody Can Drive a Truck

Technically, just about anybody can become an HGV driver with the right training. Still, it isn’t a job for everybody. Some people are just better suited to it than others. HGV driving can be a rewarding career, with many positive aspects, but it can be tough too.

If you would like to become an HGV driver, you should consider first visiting a few online trucker forums and learning from actual drivers first-hand about the ups and downs of a career in HGV driving.

Misconception 4: Truckers Are Not Safe on the Road

HGV drivers are extensively and continuously trained. The continual training requirements are what makes them some of the most advanced and safety-conscious drivers on roads. They are also required to undergo regular drug tests, of which failing would make it virtually impossible to get work with any reputable company. Drinking on the job for an HGV driver would also result in the sack and the end of their driving careers, if not totally for a considerable number of years.

Even for the HGV drivers that stick by the rules, they are still monitored by a little black box in their cab. The tachograph unit is used to track when HGV drivers are driving, for how long, when they take a break, how long they take between shifts, etc. All in all, professional HGV drivers are some of the most advanced, safest, and closely monitored drivers in the UK, outside of the emergency services.


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