It all revolves around you

When having a bespoke kitchen created, the most important is the people who will be living in the room.

Your designer is going to want to have a good understanding of what you will need from the kitchen. This includes your lifestyle and personality along with your individual requirements and family dynamic.

We want to know how you will be using the kitchen on a daily basis and how special occasions may differ. How many people are going to be in the room? Are there any pets or children that need to be considered? Do you cook together as a couple?

Simple practicalities are important as well. All the cupboards must be reachable, whether they are low or high. Any specific requirements such as disabilities must be catered to as well.

Practical solutions

Every house is different, and that means that every kitchen should be different also.

A bespoke kitchen fits in perfectly with your space, no matter what it is as if it has always been there. Uneven walls, awkward spaces, and supporting columns can cause big problems for off-the-peg kitchens with standard sizes. Using a tailored approach allows you to get the most out of all of the features. If you are needing work done in your house, you may want to make yourself familiar with how a Linear Metre Calculator works with the measuring.

Maximise Space

One of the top priorities for our clients is usually storage space.

A bespoke design considers the kitchen equipment that you own and how it is used. Each item is then given a home of its own, whether it is stored away or is on display.

Handmade kitchens have limitless storage possibilities. Our units are all completely customisable. Various shelving configurations can be used, along with pull-out shelves, dispenser units, drawer partitions, in-cabinet drawers, and much more.

Match your colours with your poodle

OK, none tends to ask to colour match with their dog. However, we could if we were ever asked!

There are definite kitchen colour scheme trends, with the current favourites being blues and greys, in addition to traditional natural wood textures. The great thing about bespoke is you don’t need to be limited by what is stocked by high street or what the current trends are.

Finishing touches

The small details are often what make a bespoke kitchen really stand out.

Your kitchen designer considers all aspects of the kitchen to make sure the right selections are made to meet your needs.

When it comes to accessories like flooring and cabinet handles, we are not tied to only using one supplier. So we can make sure that every aspect of your kitchen is tailored specifically to you.

Lighting is a very important aspect, whether it is task lighting, ceiling lights, or colour-change lights in running strips across the plinths.

A kitchen bespoke design will account for the fact that cooking is not the only thing that occurs inside a kitchen. For example, electric sockets are not only used for kitchen appliances.

They are needed for seated areas as well and maybe inside cupboards so that your charging phones can be kept out of sight. Smart technology is also considered by a good design and how those controls can be subtly incorporated into your kitchen.

Simple and smooth installation

We will assemble your bespoke kitchen inside our workshops and then install it on-site.

This is not a fast job – the craftsmen on our team might be inside your home for a few weeks to ensure that aspects of your new kitchen are all perfect. However, the results will definitely make it worth the wait!


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