They Are Worn Out

Signs that the double glazing on your windows is failing or of warping or rot are big indicators that it’s time you replaced your windows.

Of all types of window frames, wooden ones can be especially difficult to keep in immaculate condition. The problem with such windows is that once the rot has set in, it can be hard to stop or even manage the decay. At the same time, rain becomes your worst enemy. Apart from that, you’ll probably find that trying to keep your windows looking good working properly is way too much work. On the other hand, if you leave them like that, the rot will only get worse, making it harder for you to close and open your windows.

uPVC windows made of poor-quality material are prone to discoloring. Also, since the material is a type of plastic, there’s a very high likely hood that your uPVC windows will expand and warp due to heat. If the double glazing on your windows is failing, you might notice holes, scratches, chips, cracks, condensation, water leaks, and trouble regulating temperature in your home.

Your Energy Bills Have Increased

Inefficient or old windows can have a huge impact on your insulation and may even lead to higher energy costs. The more the heat that’s able to escape from your home, the more you’ll have to use central heating to keep the house warm; the same applies to your AC.

To know if your windows are letting heat out, stand next to one and see if the area feels cooler than in other parts of the room. If the pane is cold to the touch, then chances are your windows are wasting energy. While inspecting your windows, also remember to check for gaps in the frames.

Since most older windows are single-paned, they are generally more susceptible to leaks than double-paned ones. It is a good idea to consider investing in double glazing windows with low-emissivity glass and argon gas to reduce heat loss. For readers looking a conservatory have a look at victorian conservatories.

It’s Become Hard to Open and Close Your Windows

If your windows no longer close and open as easily as they once did, then it’s time to replace your windows since they also serve as vital escape routes in times of emergency. There are lots of reasons why windows stop opening properly. A common reason is that the window has been painted shut. And while painting your windows may save you time, it certainly does not improve their functioning.

Another reason why windows get stuck is the warping of the frame. This problem is quite common with uPVC windows as they are more prone to expanding and warping in hot weather. And while the material will contract again as it becomes cooler the more this happens to the frame, the more it loses its shape and dimensions.

It could also be because your home’s foundations have shifted slightly causing the frame to no longer fit the space. Whatever the case, the only solution to remedy this problem will be to replace the affected windows.

Your Home Is Not Soundproof

A vast majority of modern windows are designed to lower/reduce sound transfer, a feature that makes a huge difference especially for those who live near busy roads. If you can hear outdoor noise when standing inside with the windows shut, then just know your windows are old and need to be replaced if you want to enjoy some peace. Click here to learn more about the top windows for noise reduction.

Your Windows are Drafty

When your windows become drafty, then one thing you’ll have to keep an eye on is your energy bill because chances are it’ll go up due to increased heating demands. As such, not investing in new windows because it seems like an expensive undertaking will likely cost you more in the long run.


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