Are you thinking about buying new furniture for your home? If you are feeling overwhelmed by where to look or what to buy, you need to get some help. With the tips on how to buy furniture outlined below, you should be able to find quality furniture, learn the best time to buy furniture and make sure you get the best prices when you start shopping for furniture.

Take The Right Measurements

Do you have enough room for a reading chair or a sectional sofa? Do you have enough room to fit your dresser between the bed and TV stand? Is your doorway blocked by the entryway table? Well, when you are buying new furniture, you need to take the right measurements and measure more than once for the best results. Take the dimensions of the room you are decorating, the measurements of the doorway, the size of your current furniture and everything else before you shop for new furniture.

Make A Mockup Of The Room

Once you are done measuring, you should have an idea of how everything will fit. Start by arranging the layout of the room and the furniture you are looking to add. You can take a pencil and sketch what you hope the final room will look like. Even better, you can put some tape on the floor to stage where the different furniture pieces will go. It’s very important to do this before buying furniture especially if you don’t want to make any returns.

Get Swatches

When shopping for new furniture, you need to get samples and swatches. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new loveseat, couch cushions, ottoman or any other type of furniture, you need to get a sample fabric. You should be able to match it to the colours of your walls, carpet, home décor or any of your current furniture before making the final purchase.

Research The Materials Used

Is your couch made out of flame-retardant chemicals? Is your coffee table made out of pressed wood? What are the ingredients in the wood glue used on your furniture? If you want to buy top-notch furniture, you need to do your research and find out the type of materials used. If there is anyone in your home with allergies, you need to do this research to avoid further issues down the line. If you are looking for new curtains you may want to checkout ‘bespoke curtains‘.

The Quality Of The Furniture

When looking at the quality of the furniture you are looking to buy, you should consider the following.

• Choose a furniture assembly shop that relies mostly on screws or dowels instead of nails and glue.
• Choose solid wood over particleboard or veneer
• Choose couch cushions that have coils or are reversible
• Check the quality of the springs by checking the space between them.
• Feel the sides and the back of the couches to see if they are reinforced.
• Check the upholstery to make sure it matches at the seams.

Buy Furniture At The Right Time

The best time to go furniture shopping is in July and January. That’s because most furniture shops get new stock around August and February. As such, there is a lot of pressure to clear the old stock at those times. When buying outdoor furniture, check between August and September. On the other hand, if you are buying new living room furniture, you can find affordable and high-quality options between January and July.


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