Many people have the perception that being a truck driver is an easy job. however, the truth is far from this. This is a job that not everyone can do. Moreover, the job is not made easy by some misconceptions and rumours about HGV driving. We all know that HGV drivers play an important role in building the economy and the running of a smooth functioning society. These benefits largely go un-thanked. For this reason, we have decided to mention and disprove the 4 most common misconceptions about HGV drivers.

All Truckers Are Men

Just like in IT and Construction, the trucking industry is perceived to be largely a male-dominated field. However, we have seen an increase in female truck drivers in the UK and across the world. According to a 2021 report, 5% of commercial vehicle drivers were women. This number is expected to grow each year; as higher numbers of women are entering the profession. In fact, the rise in female truck drivers has been one of the leading stories for several years now. Because HGV drivers are needed today more than ever, more women are choosing an HGV driving career.

Drivers Are Not Valued

Out of sight, out of mind. Sadly, this is a saying that applies to HGV drivers. Many of us do not give any thought to commercial heavy trucks when we see them on the road. But, they are the driving force behind UK businesses. In other words, without HGV drivers, businesses across the UK will fall. People will not have access to different commodities (there would virtually be nothing to buy).

All the important and useful items you love buying from Amazon, would simply not get to you. Today, truck drivers are considered to be essential workers (heroes), needed to keep our economy moving. Therefore, if you are looking for a career that makes a genuine impact, truck driving is a good example. It is good that now people have realized the difference that truck drivers are making.

Anyone Can Drive A Truck

The truth is that anyone can become a truck driver; however, through the right HGV training. On the other hand, HGV driving is not for everyone. There are those who are more suited to it compared to others. For this reason, it can be a rewarding career for a pro, and a worse career for someone who is not. To better know if this career is for you, it is wise to visit online trucker forums to learn first-hand about the ups and downs of driving as a career. If you are in the London area then see HGV training in London.

Truckers Are Not Safe On The Road

What many people do not know is that HGV drivers are highly trained. Furthermore, they constantly go through regular and continual training needed to make them become the safest and most cautious drivers on the road. They are required to undergo constant drug tests, in which if a driver fails, it will make it difficult for them to get work in the industry.

They are not required to drink while on the job, and if found, it will end their driving career. Even those who are following the rules and guidelines of the job are constantly monitored by a little black box in their cab. This tracks everything, such as when they are driving, how long they have been driving when they take a break, the breaks taken between shifts, and so on. This makes HGV truck driving a safe career. It is advanced and closely monitored in the UK.


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